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I Want to Share My Passion for Leadership Development in Agriculture!

Maintaining a sustainable food and agriculture supply chain requires strong leadership – in agribusiness, commodity groups, food production companies and in local communities that nurture the lives of thousands of agricultural workers.  For more than three decades, the Illinois Agricultural Leadership Foundation has been providing high quality leadership training to all sectors of food and agriculture. Share your passion for strong leadership by providing a tax-deductable investment in the future of America’s safe, secure and cost-effective food supply. *


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  • Together we can continue to provide the nation’s premier agricultural leadership program. We’re developing the effective leaders of tomorrow, and together we CAN make a difference.





* The Illinois Agricultural Leadership Program (IALP) and Advanced Leadership Training (ALT) for FFA and other agriculture organizations is made possible by the Illinois Agricultural Leadership Foundation (IALF), a non-profit 501( c )3 organization. The IALF receives no state or federal money, but is funded through participation fees, universities partnerships, in-kind support, and investments from individuals and businesses that share our passion for leadership development for agriculture. We call these “investments” because the return on this investment is realized in the outstanding leadership efforts of those who have graduated from our programs and seminars. We do not offer any legal advice as to the deductibility of this contribution.  Please contact your tax professional.

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