Our Purpose

Illinois Agricultural Leadership Program graduates are active in industry organizations across the food and agriculture sector, including Illinois Agri-Women and its hallmark event “Women Changing the Face of Agriculture.” Each year, the WCFA brings hundreds of high school women together to talk about STEM career options.


Maintaining a safe, secure and sustainable food supply in America requires strong leadership. The Illinois Agricultural Leadership Foundation was founded in 1981 for the purpose of delivering those leaders.


Through our 19-month Illinois Agricultural Leadership Program (IALP) and our Advanced Leadership Training (ALT) for FFA instructors, community groups and agricultural partners, the IALF takes a holistic approach to addressing the food concerns of the global community – through agribusiness and commodity groups, on the family farm, at food production companies, through volunteer organizations to feed underserved populations, and in local communities that nurture the lives of thousands of agricultural workers.


Our Vision is clear:

“A Thriving Agricultural Industry Inspired and Led by

Qualified, Well-Trained Leaders From the IALF”


Our Mission is before us:

“to develop knowledgeable and effective leaders to become policy and

decision makers for the agricultural industry.”


Here’s how you can participate in this worthy effort. Find out more about our organization on our About Us page. We hope you will join us in recommending the best and brightest young people to apply to our program through our “On Line Recommendation” page.    We encourage you to financially support the IALF and become one of our Investing Partners.”