Our Investors We proudly partner with investors who understand the importance of developing leaders with real-world experience.


At John Deere World Headquarters, Marc A. Howze, Vice President, Global Human Resources, discussed developing leaders at a young age for the food and agriculture sector.


The IALF is preparing leaders to solve some of our most urgent and critical global problems, such as eradicating hunger around the world and at home, and ensuring sustainable sources of raw materials, grains and animal protein.


The IALF receives no state or federal funding. Instead, our leadership development program is funded by visionary corporations, associations, alumni and individuals who share our mission of developing leaders for the food and agriculture sector.  On our “annual report – HERE” you will see the names of more than 300 different partners providing some level of support.  In addition, each IALP participant contributes to his/her own future by paying approximately 10% of the cost of the leadership experience.


If you’re a program alum or individual interested in making an investment in the IALF, we invite you to share your passion for leadership development by making an investment online HERE.

Corporations, associations and businesses interested in becoming a partner should contact Don Norton, President/CEO at Don@agleadership.org or call 309-837-7711.


The cost of sending one person through the IALP 19-month program is about $35,000 – each participant is responsible for slightly more than 10% of the cost.  The balance is paid by offering fellowships to each program participant. Our Advanced Leadership Training seminars are self-funded based on the scope of each session, and individual seminar sponsors are extremely important in making these programs available to educators and partner groups.