Class of 2018 Seminar Schedule

First Year

The Joyce Watson Leadership Orientation Seminar- Bloomington/Normal, August 26 – 27, 2016

Named to honor the founding president of the IALF, this seminar provides an overview of the program, the heritage of leaders developed through the IALP, expectations of participants, the role of spouses in leadership development, and practical skills in etiquette and business attire. Activities in the seminar set a baseline for participants’ public speaking and self-confidence development.

Personal Leadership and Self Reflection Seminar – Barry/Kinderhook Lodge, November 27 – 29, 2016

Developing leadership skills should start with an in-depth examination of self, and this seminar will begin moving the personal leadership journey forward. Participants will explore their personality traits and leadership qualities through high-level assessments. Learning to relate to others and lead those who have different abilities is a key component of this seminar.

Communication Excellence Seminar sponsored by Archer Daniels Midland – Moline, December 14 – 16, 2016

This seminar develops skills in public speaking and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Participants are introduced to strategies for how corporations communicate to a variety of audiences by crafting traditional and social media messages, and negotiating as a communication skill. As with many seminars, participants hold leadership discussions with high-level corporate executives from a variety of agriculture-related industries.

Richard Ryan Economics and the Marketplace Seminar – Chicago, January 18 – 20, 2017

The development of economic and market policy in the United States is explored in depth through presentations given by distinguished economists. This seminar provides intellectual stimulation and is designed to foster an understanding of research that drives government policy with a specific focus on monetary policy. Futures and options trading are presented by key stakeholders in commodity markets and banking institutions.

Kim Morton National Agricultural Policy Seminar – Champaign/College of ACES at U of I, February 8 – 10, 2017

The leading agriculture policy issues in the United States are examined in this seminar, including food safety and security, environmental policy, and agricultural research. Current issues facing Congress and the President are presented in preparation for the National Travel Seminar. Participants also gain practical life skills in health, diet and exercise with specific emphasis on executive travel and stress reduction.

National Study Seminar sponsored by Monsanto – Washington DC/Gettysburg, PA, February 26 – March 4, 2017

Participants engage in one week of briefings from lawmakers, agricultural corporations, trade associations, and federal agencies on issues vital to the nation’s interest.

Business Communication, Outreach, and the Media Seminar – Chicago, June 28 – 30, 2017

Strategies for influencing others through mass, personal and social media are explored in this seminar. Through case studies, participants learn how to communicate shared values and develop effective messages. Practical interview skills are developed through taped media question and answer sessions, and professionals in new and traditional media and public relations provide insights into message management and placement. This seminar encourages participants to formulate communications strategies for their vision of agriculture.

Second Year

GROWMARK Global Challenges Seminar – Chicago, July 20 – 21, 2017

This seminar examines pressing challenges that present opportunities for leadership throughout the world. Included in this seminar is a look at how science, technology and the environment are impacting the future. Specific emphasis is placed on the challenges of making safe and affordable food a global reality, and the role of the multinational corporation as a global business and philanthropic partner. Participants also look at the role of the compassionate individual on the world stage. The last day of the seminar features events shared with participant spouses.

Martin L Andreas Energy and Ecosystems Seminar – Chicago, August 23 – 25, 2017

Energy has a profound impact on every aspect of American life, and this seminar looks at the various forms of energy utilized in the United States. Topics include updates on trends in petroleum and oil, electricity, natural gas, wind, solar, and biofuels. Critical analysis is given to emerging energy technologies and trends. The tradeoffs between energy, ecosystems and food production and supply are evaluated and discussed by leading professionals in each industry.

Business Decision Making Seminar sponsored by John Deere – Evanston – Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University, November 26 – 28, 2017

This seminar is an interactive discussion of effective business strategies in a stimulating environment taught by top professional educators and consultants. Topics traditionally explored include risk management, business innovation, strategic thinking, business ethics, and values-based leadership designed to develop confidence and business acumen. Business skills include an analysis of financial statements and corporate structure.

Farm Credit Seminar on Innovation & Change – Belleville,December 14 – 15, 2017

Embracing the fast pace of innovation is the focus of this seminar. Participants develop a sense of vision for working in a multi-cultural world by exploring the future with representatives from the computer, education, workforce and agriculture sector, among others. Specific focus is placed on how creativity leads to practical application. Personal skill development includes strengthening the ability to adapt to change.

The Maschhoffs, LLC State Government Seminar – Springfield, January 17 – 19, 2018

Participants will take an in-depth look at the operation of the State of Illinois. Speakers include politicians, lobbyists, trade associations and professional staff discussing campaigning, critical issues, legislation, budget, education and the function of the media as a government watchdog. The seminar includes an agriculture-specific component with presentations by ranking members of appropriate committees, as well as issue updates from industry organizations.

Ron and Melanie Warfield International Perspectives Seminar – Champaign, February 8 – 9, 2018

This seminar focuses on numerous aspects of the countries that will be chosen as International Travel Seminar destinations. The culture, trade, security, religion, geography, education and government of those countries will be examined, with particular attention on the implications these factors have on agriculture and agribusiness. A life skills development session on traveling globally will be featured.

International Study Seminar – TBD, March 4 – March 17, 2018

A first-hand look at the impact of global trade on the United States is the purpose of traveling to one or more foreign countries during this seminar. Issues such as supply chain and value chain are viewed in-person, with specific emphasis on the economic, social and political realities of conducting business in a foreign country. Participants are immersed in the culture, geography and flavor of the countries chosen for a specific class. Countries are chosen based on their emergent importance to agriculture, business and cultural understanding.

Graduation & Commencement Seminar, March 23 – Chicago, 2018

Joined by their spouses, participants celebrate the completion of their two-year leadership development journey.