Class of 2018 National Study Seminar: Day 7

Mar 7th, 2017

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Class of 2018 National Study Seminar: Day 7

From Gettysburg, PA; Saturday, March 4, 2017

By Tasha Bunting & Katie Mansouri, Presiding Fellows

The last day has arrived! We began this morning with a wrap-up tour of the battlefield of Gettysburg. Our tour guide, Terry, has been a fantastic speaker teaching us more about the battle and the leadership styles of officers during the battle.

Terry shows a map that outlines the Union and Confederate Army lines during the 3-day battle.

Although the wind was chilly, the sun was shining which helped during our climb up Little Round Top Hill.  During the session today, we had a chance to see more of the battlefield and discover leadership styles of the generals who fought in the battle of Gettysburg. We wrapped up with a bus tour through the rest of the battle ground, which was a welcome opportunity to come in out of the chilly weather.

The class surveys the battlefield from “Little Round Top” – the Union Army stronghold & high ground.

Following our battlefield session, we had lunch, boarded the bus, and headed for the airport. This week has been a tremendous opportunity to see Washington, DC in action. Our class was able to meet with the leaders in organizations, legislators, and agencies to see leadership styles at work. As we head back to our families, farms, and work obligations, many of the lessons from this week will be remembered by our class and will guide us in future conversations, helping us to become more effective leaders.

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