ITS Day 10- Pune

Mar 6th, 2012

Category: Travel Diary

ITS Day 10- Pune

The Illinois Agricultural Leadership Class of 2012 continued our International Seminar journey today by traveling to Pune, India where ultimately we’ll soon draw to a close our overseas travel.

After a slightly delayed early morning flight we traveled to the Tolani Maritime Institute to learn more about a highly successful education program designed to train ship officers and staff.  The Institute, which began in 1998, is committed to being an instrument of positive changes in the maritime industry.  Through on-site and distant learning programs the Institute offers both a four-year bachelors program and continuing education.  Annually, the on-site program educates 400 students who along with faculty live at the Institute. Despite many businesses cutting employees, Institute graduates are still in strong demand throughout the world as maritime captains, engineers and senior officers.

Throughout the day we were continually reminded of the differences and similarities between Indian and American agriculture and public’s perceptions of genetically modified crops.  Additionally, we realized how important it is to have an educated and safety-conscious maritime crew hauling agricultural commodities around the world.

As we wrap up our first day in Pune we want to take a minute to thank Sanjeev Ogale and Girish Kotwal with Subhag Group for making today’s visit possible. Subhag Group manufactures maritime pumps and has a strong working relationship with the Institute.

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